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It seems like there are many "financial advisors", how do I know who to choose and who will really give sound financial advise that meets my needs?
Innovative Benefit Solutions has partnered with a certified Financial Advisor who offers a comprehensive approach to help you uncover and meet your financial needs and objectives. The nature and cost of the service varies and will be determined by your financial advisor in consultation with you based on your individual advice needs and objectives. There is no fee for an initial complimentary consultation.

Financial planning is for single persons, married couples or dual clients. This service is tailored to address your specific needs and objectives, analyze your current financial situation and goals, and present strategies and recommend actions to help you attain your goals.

Part of this planning can include Estate Planning, which will summarize and analyze the estimated estate settlement costs and possible remainder of your estate(s) that could be passed on to heirs. Also included in the planning are retirement planning, investment planning, educational goals, and future saving goals, to name a few.

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