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"At one time or another, most investors are faced with a challenge: how to handle assets they do not have the time or expertise to manage. Complicating the matter are the seemingly innumerable investment choices available in today’s financial markets. With over 2,500 stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange and over 4,300 mutual funds reported on the financial pages – all with varying returns and levels of risk – the possibilities for selecting inappropriate investments becomes significant."
Innovative Benefit Solutions has partnered with Wellington Consulting Services, Inc. to offer unparallel expertise and service for your 401K/Pension programs. The objective is to build your assets over the long-term, without exposing you to undue risk. We accomplish this objective by selecting for you a portfolio of investment managers that consistently meet our strict criterion and then by managing those managers.

Clients come to Wellington Consulting Services for problem solving. Their ability to provide the right solutions can be attributed to their depth of experience, expertise, and personal service.

Successful investing is neither an art nor a science, but rather a discipline. By avoiding packaged products and adhering to several fundamental principles of sound investing, the chances of producing outstanding investments results for our clients are increased. Our management process consists of the following five step approach.

Step One: Determining your Investment Profile and Objectives
Step Two: Determining the Best Asset Allocation
Step Three: Selecting Investment Managers
Step Four: Rebalancing and Managing the Portfolio
Step Five: Reporting Results

"Our Success Depends On Your Success"
We realize that our success depends on your success. This notion is the guiding force behind everything we do. We understand the anxieties that are inherent to investing. We overcome them by bringing our clients into the decision making process – not by removing them form it.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to personal service because we know that is what sets us apart from the competition. We invite you to find out for yourself.

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