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"According to a recent Franklin Covey study, only 44 percent of U.S. workers indicated they clearly understand their organization’s most important goals. Contributing to this fact is an employee’s lack of knowledge of the business and lack of awareness or not understanding both the short and long term objectives of the business."
Innovative Benefit Solutions has partnered with a world class human resource/organizational development consulting firm, Leadership Solutions.Together they will provide services to create a unique "Blueprint" and Design" unique to your organization, to optimize organizational effectiveness.We will provide specific focus on "Strategic Thinking, Planning and Learning".

Specific Areas of Practice are:
Strategic Management Consultation; Human Resources Management Consultation; Marketing and Branding Consultation; Human Resources management Technology Services; Merger and Acquisitions HR Due Diligence; Employee & Customer Surveys; Employee Relations Consultation; Succession Planning; Executive Coaching; Leadership Development; Training Workshops; Business Metrics.

Human Resource Consulting and a Virtual Human Resource Service are available, designed with a focus and expertise for small to medium-sized independently owned businesses and organizations within which a full-blown human resource department is not economically feasible.You will receive services, resources, and knowledge base expected of a fortune 100 company, normally budgeted into the mid-six figures.Yet these services are made available to you for a fraction of the cost

Receive these HR services in areas such as:
Recruiting; Selection; Interviewing; Employee Policy Manuals; Compensation & Incentives; Functional Organization Structure; Job Descriptions; Standards & Measurements of Performance; Attitude Surveys; Performance Reviews; Motivation & Productivity; Turnover Control; Discipline & Termination: Supervisory Training; Management Development; and much more.

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