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Important Considerations
When determining whether an online tool is right for your organization, an employer's Return on Investment is an important consideration.  We realize that technology by itself is not a complete solution, which is why our partners back up their technology with exceptional service.

Issue   Solution
Design, Printing and Distribution
of Enrollment Materials
Online Benefit Documents eliminate expensive printing and distribution costs and ensure employee access to the most recent benefit updates.
Educating Employees about Benefit Options Our web based solutions provides easy access to benefit options, reducing telephone calls and the need for lengthy employee meetings.
Administration of Complex Benefit Plans We can offer an employee enrollment wizard applications, which applies business rules to present each employee with only the benefits for which he/she is eligible, reducing confusion and errors in enrollment.
Managing Open Enrollment Reporting tools allow the Human Resources staff to track each employee’s progress, reducing the need for follow-up and sorting through piles of enrollment forms.
Follow-up on Incomplete or Illegible Applications Enrollment tools will guide users through the benefit election process, prohibiting incomplete or illegible applications.
Communication of HR Policies and Procedures Various area’s on the designated web site can house company documents including, but not limited to, handbooks, policies, request forms and summary plan descriptions reducing the number of phone calls made to Human Resources.
Compliance Compliance is an important issue.  We ensure that the systems we use meets applicable Federal and State requirements, reducing employer liability.
Updating Payroll Deductions A client-specific payroll file can be posted regularly to a human resources portal, eliminating the need for manual entry.
Reconciling all of the Insurance Company Invoices Online billing tools consolidate carrier invoices and compare data to the enrollment system, eliminating the need for manual collection and comparisons of carrier invoices.
Managing terminated employees Timely electronic data transmissions reduce retroactive terminations and related employer liability.

Employee Benefits Reporting

Standard and custom reports can be accessible by plan sponsors at not additional charge.

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Important Considerations Choosing the right online tool for your company

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